Cine Tribe Tulum Improv Series


Our IMPROV SERIES classes in Tulum are super fun while enhancing your 'day to day' life and communication skills. These will also include SPEAKING, STAGE and SCREEN ACTING tips.

Exploring and learning specific skills will augment your performance
in life in general; wherever you are in your life, it's good.
Come along...


Single class US$30

1 Month US$110
[4 classes]

2 Months US$220
[8 classes]
Group of 5 persons minimum

One to One Acting/Voice/Presence
A 2 hour intense class US$80

Marlon Brando once said that everyone’s acting all the time, and that he just got paid for it.
I agree that we’re all acting daily as we move through life, expressing our thoughts and desires; performing our lives in the way we feel will best bring prosperity and bliss.

Let’s explore our acting talents and grow together into the most beautiful and authentic human we wish to be.

A few things to explore during this two month workshop:
1. How to truly listen. Most of us just wait for their turn to speak. The first thing an actor has to learn is to listen.

2. Overcome the fear of showing your real emotions. As we move and act in real life, we may be experiencing fear of rejection which causes stress and forces us to edit ourselves.

3. Find your voice’s true tone. How we speak and express ourselves is paramount for a free and productive life. Improving your diction and voice overall is a great tool.

4. How to read to feel more freedom when you write or express your thoughts. As we read and explore words, their sounds and meanings, we’ll find great inspiration and improve the way in which we actually express ourselves.

5. How to release bodily stress caused by inner insecurities to build more confidence.

Happy to facilitate this so let's have some fun...
Ana Lucia Alves

‘Cinematic Arts Studio’ is a weekly workshop that brings together Artists and Craftspersons passionate about the ART of mainstream CINEMA.

These workshops are hosted by Independent Filmmakers and are designed to enhance your abilities in the various filmmaking crafts.

Immerse yourself in the art and craft of making contemporary cinema.
If you’re a filmmaker, or interested in becoming one, join us.


As part of the workshop we're showing weekly,
amazing movies at our Tulum 'Ciné Tribe' Movie Nights.

This is extra so not included on the workshop's price!

Let us know YOUR CHOICE: