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Ciné Tribe is a group of (early stage) projects aligned toward a single purpose: an entertainment industry based on independent voices, free from corporate cultural conditioning and geo-political agendas.

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We’re an active community dedicated to forging a new filmed entertainment industry for independent artists & facilitators.

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In the magical Riviera Maya, a new paradigm for film production is developing – a facility to inspire a new wave of creatives.

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As physicists attempt to uncover the base structure of matter, we’re working to uncover the profound psychological nature of cinema.



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller

In the beginning, there was the Edison Trust; the Independents went west, and in time, became the Majors. Many great films were made, until they lost sight of the public. Then came ‘Easy Rider’, a cheaply made movie that showed audiences were elsewhere. ‘New Hollywood’ was born and a decade (70s) of personal cinema followed.

Seeing the profit potential of movies made by people with something to say caused a complete buy-up by the multinational conglomerates; movies were now green-lit by impersonal corporations. This unfortunate situation gave rise to the 90s and another independent movement within cinema, showing audiences were actually real people, not focus groups. But, again, the independents became dependent (on corporate boards and committees) when they were all bought up by the majors… again.

In 2020, when media is about as dark and manipulative as it’s ever been, a New Wave of Independent Voices are coming; and audiences are waiting. This New Movement isn’t going to go west, or go to film school, or converge around a film festival (alone), but will be Global and Connected simultaneously.

Ciné Tribe is on the forefront of the New Wave.

Essential Principles

Productions require a financial basis. Great productions require authentic individuals throughout. Ciné Tribe is actively rebalancing the art / business dynamic. And best of all, audiences want media that inspires, not culturally conditions through the advanced techniques of PR firms and worse.

We must empower the individual in every area of the industry. The only ‘messages’ we want in film & TV are those of unaffiliated individuals; free thinkers who live authentic lives, and seek to express what they find.

In light of all this, Ciné Tribe exists by a short list of principles:

  • EVERY INDIVIDUAL is special and treated as such.
  • We’re each dedicated to World Class Professionalism in our work.
  • Our work (through varying levels of subtext) is to cultivate a healthy, more enlightened humanity.
  • Life is governed by quantum principles, not predetermined mechanistic processes.
  • Being the most powerful medium, the CINEMA EXPERIENCE is to be protected and revitalized.
  • For our service to flourish, a holistic (which includes financial) loop must be maintained between artist creators and excited audiences

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The Community

Our Ciné Tribe Mastermind is already overflowing with talent, inspiration and goodwill. More are showing interest everyday, from all areas of the business. Watch this space, where we’ll be enthusiastically promoting their projects, activities and services.

Audio Podcast

Matthew’s ‘Cinema and the Psyche’ podcast is a vehicle for sharing his process and realizations about cinema; the filmmaker, the audience, and their effect on each other.

Film Festival

The Film Festival brings back humanity, love for all beings, true earthing and camp fires. Community and storytelling is paramount to give future generations a healthy field in which to plant their dreams.


‘Cinematic Arts Studio’ is a weekly collective, passionate about the ART of mainstream CINEMA. It’s a program designed to enhance your abilities as a filmmaker, by exercising them in a dynamic and supportive setting.

'Time to Die' - In Post Production

During 2020’s early lockdown we brought together (online) an eclectic band of actors, musicians, artists and others to create a true indie movie.

‘Time to Die’ shows the last words and feelings of people from around the world, after hearing that a powerful group are carrying out a global extinction event in the next 24 hours.

See an early trailer and contribute…  HERE!

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